twin engine plane

Aircraft Maintenance

As a full service FBO, your aircraft maintenance is provided by Pac Air Maintenance. Pac Air Maintenance provides the best care for all the needs of your aircraft. Whether the aircraft maintenance you need requires: repairs, modifications, pre-purchase inspections, or a routine checkup, your maintenance needs are our priority.

High Quality Maintenance & Service

  • We offer piston to turbine service
  • Cost effective workmanship
  • Competitive rates
  • FAA certified technicians
  • Experienced mechanics
  • Authorized inspectors
  • Accommodate you to meet your maintenance requirements

IA Maintenance We Perform On All Types Of Aircraft

  • Complete maintenance service
  • Annual maintenance
  • 100 hour maintenance
  • Specialty maintenance
  • Repairs & modifications
  • Pre-purchase inspections
  • Routine maintenance
  • Part sales

Contact Us

For more information on our maintenance services or to schedule maintenance for your aircraft please contact us at 920-738-3033. Pac Air Maintenance is available Monday – Friday 6AM to 6PM.