Each year, more than half a million aviation enthusiasts from around the world are welcomed to Oshkosh, Wisconsin to attend EAA Airventure. At EAA Airventure Oshkosh, meet with air hobbyists alike and see the world’s best pilots perform shows that leave with you a lifetime of memories.

EAA Airventure Made Easy

EAA Airventure is located only 20 miles from Platinum Flight Center and Appleton International Airport. Choose Platinum Flight Center for your convenience in attending the week long event.

Experience Of A Lifetime

For more information on EAA Airventure, please visit airventure.org.

EAA Airventure Rates

    • Our expanded concrete ramp can accommodate a large number of  aircraft
    • Prices for the ramp are the same year-round – no EAA Airventure extra fees
    • 4 Day maximum for ramp fees – One day waived with fuel purchase

EAA Airventure Reservations

Platinum Flight center does not accept reservations for parking.  We have more than enough room to accommodate all planes. Also, due to the volume of traffic, we are unfortunately unable to coordinate any reservations for cars, hotels or catering, nor are we responsible for obtaining invoices, checking in cars, etc.  To make your visit more enjoyable, inform any car-rental agency of the estimated time of arrival to Platinum.

If you have additional questions please feel free to call Kris at (920) 738-3034.